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Musings Archive: April 2005

:: Car Wash ::
Today, after my fifth nearly 4 hour infusion of arsenic this week, I got in the car to drive home, looked around whilst listening to Ashley Cleveland singing "Come Ye Sinners" and realized the car was filthy. I don't think we've had it washed since before my transplant.

It's going to rain all weekend here in Philly--probably starting tonight, & the wisdom on the street says to wait. I don't care.

I got it washed. I got it vacuumed. I got the dashboards wiped and the tires cleaned, I bought the heavy-duty under-carriage spray and the deluxe triple foam action and even got the hand wipe when it was done.

It is going to rain, but the car was dirty. And now, it's not. Now it's clean.

"If you tarry 'til you're better you will never come at all."

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/29/2005 2:50:37 PM | link)

:: Photos! ::
I'm about to add the technology to allow photos to be added to my posts. This will, no doubt, allow you to see my ugly puss more often than you want, but also allow you to see the lovely and charming Sheri not often enough. (For those of you in Nashville, this will take away the "alleged wife" qualification from all conversation regarding her existence... we will get to Nashvegas eventually, promise.)More to come!

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/26/2005 10:02:58 AM | link)

:: Have You Been Healed?
(w/ apologies to Van Morrison) ::

In theory at least, I believe that God heals people. No, it's not theory. I know, up close and personal, real stories of real people who prayed and were made well.

And yet, even after four years of living with cancer, I'm not sure I've ever really done it--terrified that someone might think me tinged by the scoundrels and rougues stealing money from the poor in exchange for false hope, I'm not sure if I've ever actually asked God to heal me.

Iíve prayed to be used and useful to God,
I've prayed to not ďfeel badĒ
Iíve prayed to get out of side effects
I've prayed to be have a good attitude
I've prayed to not be a whiny little wuss
I've prayed to take what I was given like a man
I've prayed to take it patiently and with grace
I've prayed to not be a burden
I've prayed that my life with cancer would draw people to Jesus
I've prayed not to die.

Even so, I'm not sure if Iíve ever asked God to actually heal me, to take my Multiple Myeloma and flush it down the celestial toilet.

It's time to do it. Now. Wanna join me?   more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/19/2005 4:04:13 PM | link)

:: Another Cancer Journal Posted--Sigh ::
Enough with the roller coasters already. I'm too tired for this.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/18/2005 9:14:45 PM | link)

:: Douville debuts ::
Toronto teacher, historian and church musician, Bruce Douville, debuts in Lovers' Quarrel with a reflection on a friend with mental illness.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/15/2005 3:11:36 PM | link)

:: Spring at Last, Spring at Last, Thank God A'mighty, it's Spring at Last ::
...with the afternoon sun hurtling itself into our apartment on Sunday afternoon, I began the near-ritualistic preparation necessary for the resumption of my two most decadently bourgeois (and decidedly XY chromosome-driven) pursuits: grilling and golfing.

Another musing is posted, and it's full of good news.   more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (4/12/2005 6:20:48 PM | link)

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