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Musings Archive: March 2005

:: The Road To Emmaus--Why can't we see Jesus along the road? ::
Want to help and offer comfort to those who suffer? Want to make Jesus known to the suffering and those in need? It's not the words you say or the way you take.

Try breaking bread.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/29/2005 6:41:15 PM | link)

:: Not Dead Yet ::
The title above has nothing--as in nothing--to do with the group of disabled and allegedly pro-life activists making noise in Florida this week.

Nope, this note is posted solely to celebrate this fact: four years ago tonight, about right now, actually, I got a call from my doctor telling me that yes, indeed, I had Multiple Myeloma and that that usually meant something like five years and out.

Right now, other than some pains in my legs and joints that are side effects from all the crap the docs have done to me, I'm feeling great, I've already gained half the weight I need to gain back, and the prognosis looks far beyond a year from today.

So, as I reflect on this odd little anniversary, I have a few profundities to share.

1. Go Louisville.
2. Here's to getting into shape and hitting the links again in the next few weeks.
3. Anyone want to subsidize a new set of TM Rac irons? My current set is pretty much worse for wear.
4. Screw cancer.
5. He is risen.

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/29/2005 5:47:08 PM | link)

Yesterday, while I was trying to work here at the computer, I had my little portable TV set to the Congressional hearings on baseball and steroids.

OK. So, Mark, what do you have to say to the kids?

Steroids is bad. It's a bad message.

Wha? Try injecting some intellect.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/18/2005 8:42:57 AM | link)

:: No Brighter Dark(ness) ::
I just (as in just, like 30 seconds ago) opened a package that was lying against my door when I came home from running errands. Lo and behold, a thing of great beauty and giddily glee-making goodness: The Gospel According to America, the second book from David Dark, my friend & confidant who is a wiseman, shaaman, teacher, husband of the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter Sarah Masen, and, quite obviously, writer of immense sensitivity.

Indeed, I can say without blinking or reservation that I have never worked with a writer who moved me more....  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/17/2005 4:49:01 PM | link)

:: Newer Cancer Update Posted: Good News! ::
After a lousy 24 hours of anxiety, good news at last.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/16/2005 8:43:17 AM | link)

:: New (intermediate) Cancer Update Posted ::
I've posted the most recent "Cancer update" I sent to my "list" yesterday. Another, shorter, note will follow after I've seen Dr. Luger tomorrow.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/14/2005 10:44:24 AM | link)

:: A New Review, NYPD Blue & My Nephew's View ::
I'm in the process of putting some new stuff (and old)on Lovers' Quarrel review section, (now unoriginally titled "Dancing About Architecture"), including what was until today a 85% finished review of the extraordinary "Sweet Harmony Review" (Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin and Gillian Welch/David Rawlings) that I wrote last September, just before all the nasty crap we endured last fall.

Also posted is a quite moving recounting of my filmmaker/songwriter nephew CJ Keddy's favorite movies of the past year.

Also posted last month but unannounced is my good friend Brian Quincy Newcomb's list of his favorite CDs and concerts from 2004.

Finally, I'm going to try and get up my rambling but as yet incomplete tribute to the now late, great, much maligned NYPD Blue. (My favorite part of researching this piece: the Parents Television Council posts every TV week's dirty bits on its own website, thus saving their uptight supporters the trouble of having to find their own fodder for masturbation. Sigh.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (3/3/2005 4:50:53 PM | link)

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