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Musings Archive: February 2005

:: Health Update 02/18/2005 ::
New Cancer Journal posted  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (2/18/2005 10:46:14 AM | link)

:: A Call to OUTDULGENCE ::
OK, so we're a week late, but good things take time.

This Lenten season, we’re giving up giving up stuff.

We’re fasting from asceticism.

We’re renouncing renunciation.

And we invite you to come along.

This Lent, as we journey together toward Jerusalem and the weekend of the cross and resurrection, instead of going to a movie (like all good Christians did last year, right?) or giving up something we shouldn't do anyway, Sheri & I, along with our friend Steve & Elizabeth Schwartz (in Harrisburg, PA) are attempting a season of Outdulgence.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Please, click here for more information.   more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (2/16/2005 4:10:26 PM | link)

:: The NHL on Ice ::
Sometime in the winter of 1969, my father engaged my 7 year-old ass in an elaborate ruse that ended with us walking down Carlton Street in downtown Toronto on a Saturday night. As we came up to the mythic cathedral of Maple Leaf Gardens (impossibly huge to my young eyes), he pulled two tickets from his pocket--a complete surpise to me, as I thought we were going to the Canadian Bible Society to pick up some things for Dad's church service the next morning. What transpired next is forever etched in my brain: center ice, about 16 rows up, Leafs versus Bruins, Johnny Bucyk getting his head split open in a fight, and Davey Keon scoring the opening goal....

That night I went from loving hockey to being a committed fan. I love the game. Adore it. It's ballet with checking, and I feel transcendent when I watch it played well, and never felt freer when I played it myself.

Since then, I've gone to many, many NHL games, including many in Buffalo during their early glory "French Connection" days, when Gilbert Perrault was ruling the ice as the leagues best skater and puck-handler. Then, and even now, for all the complaints about the violence of the game (and the troubling Junior Hockey system in Canada), when I watch an NHL game, I see something that rarely exists in real life:
elegance, grace, grandeur.

Now, thanks to both sides--the players and their troubled Players Association, and the owners of the NHL teams--when I think about hockey I don't see that lovely stuff anymore. I don't conjure thoughts of Perrault or Orr or Gretzky or even our local Flyers. Now all I see is greed.


Posted by Dwight Ozard   (2/16/2005 4:08:39 PM | link)

:: GQ on "Christian Rock" ::
Courtesy of the wonderful Anthony Barr-Jeffrey comes this link to John Jeremiah Sullivan's piece "Upon This Rock" in the most recent GQ, which provides one of the best and most succinct (and comi-tragic) descriptions of "Christian Rock" I've read.  more

Posted by Dwight Ozard   (2/16/2005 11:21:38 AM | link)

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