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July 11, 2001: Reason for Hope

Vol. 9.2

Greetings. Into Day 2 of Round Four, and trying to rest and be well. the oncologist came yesterday evening and met with me for a goodly time with the most optimistic report he's had for us since all this began. he is "very encouraged" by my response to the treatments, and my next (5th) treatment will more than likely be my last (horray). He wants me to meet with the transplant team as early as 4 weeks from now, and get the process in "high gear."

All of that buoys my spirits at a time when, frankly, they needed buoying. Add to that a visit this morning with a physiotherapist who gave me some advice for pain/fatigue/sedentary muscle management and I've had an ok 18 hours.

Still feeling pretty good--the chemo takes about 48 hours to really kick in--so today I hope to read a bit and walk around the ward as much as possible before I get to the point that i only want to lie around.

So, anyway, thanks for the prayers and the good thoughts and all the notes. it's a joy to be in touch with you.

love, Dwight

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