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Thank you for visiting Dwight's archive of articles, cancer journals and other musings. I'm preserving the site to honor his legacy and make his writings available. Here are a few items you may want to be aware of:

  • The tributes and memories of Dwight shared by family and friends in the wake of his passing are now available online, including a note from his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Jack and Dorothy Ozard.
  • His cancer journals are archived, most recent first. You may want to first check out the introduction, Cancer: My Story.
  • His other writings, including many from his days at Prism Magazine, can be found in the Lover’s Quarrel section.

I hope that Dwight’s passion for enjoying life and vision of a more just society inspire and change you, as they will always inspire and challenge me. As I type this note on my laptop, I think of the two stickers he pasted on the cover:

Refuse to Do Nothing

Cancer Sucks

Those sentiments say it all.

Finally, I want to say a public word of appreciation to everyone who has surrounded me with love and support during this difficult time.

Rest in Peace, Dwight
5/25/1962 - 11/14/2005

To learn more about multiple myeloma visit: or

Posted by Sheri Ozard   (11/22/2006 10:45:36 PM | link)

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